Hi all I am wondering if anyone could help me.

I am trying to trigger scripts on a remote PC from another (without using test director - prefereably from the command line - but am happy to use any method without using test director.

(Note QTP is installed and working on all machines)

I have tried to

a) Telnet to a remote PC then tried triggering a bat file that starts a multitest manager presaved test.

b) Tried to use multitest managers "remote host" directly while its pointing to a remote host (in preference)

I get only getting memory address errors (from multitest manager on the target in case a, and in case b ... the local one that is trying to "do it remotely" .. so I know Im triggering something)

I cant manage to "save multitest manager remote host settings" as a bat - not that I think that would help.

Test Director / QC installation is impossible.