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    Performance Testing Using QTP


    I want to do the performance testing using QTP.
    The scenario is like that.

    1)The data is submitted through web service to the Biztalk.
    2) from Biztalk it will go to Axapta.

    What i m planning is that.
    1) Record the Biztalk server time just before submiting data.
    2)Check the Biztalk creation time for XMLfile.

    My question is that is it is possible to get the server time using QTP or Vb script. ???
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    Re: Performance Testing Using QTP

    Using the start and end transaction facility, we can get the timing of the server response including the network delay. For getting an accurate server response time, we need to use either server performance data or monitor the server using Site Scope.

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    Re: Performance Testing Using QTP

    Yes we can use the Start transaction or end transaction if there are package of steps which we can include in Transaction.

    But i want to record the server time just before sending data.
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    Re: Performance Testing Using QTP

    The timer function might be of some help to you.
    Look in the QTPs help for more info. I would use this instead of the transaction utility.

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    Re: Performance Testing Using QTP

    You're including network time if you're timing from a client. It appears you may already be thinking that. The thing is, what will trigger the recording of the server time, and what is the network delay in triggering this recording from the client? You may get more accurate results by simply ensuring that the client and server's clocks are as closely synchronized as possible, and taking the client time at the point of submission to subtract from the server's XML file creation time.

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