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Thread: Unique email.

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    Re: Unique email.

    Well i don't think may site would allow you to use just numeric email id, so append some text to what boyd suggested.

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    Unique email.

    Hi All,

    I'm new to QTP and i have a situation where i have to create a customer with unique email id and we have to automate that scenario and i need help in solving that without storing lot of data in the data table. Is there a way that Qtp automatically generates a value to the email to make it unique.


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    Re: Unique email.

    Are you just trying to generate a unique name for an e-mail address? If so, a common technique is to base the value off the current date and time. For instance, you could generate an e-mail in the format:


    And this would always be unique for a given second in time (you could always go to milliseconds if you needed).
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    Re: Unique email.

    You can also try using random numbers for appending to the text using Randomize().



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