Hi Group,
I have a peculiar problem.. I am Using QTP8.2 and TD8, My application is web based. Through TD i launch QTP Remotely in another system and intern my web based application is launched by QTP.. (TD -> QTP->Appln)
Ther is a problem while QTP launches my appln,
an empty browser is launched and not with the required URL, as i RIGHT Click on the QTP window tab the required URL is launched and my application works fine and carries further operation..
If don't right click on the QTP window tab it will just be hung up.. not doing anything.. no other operation like refresh, Left Click etc work for this.. i have tried..
If i do launching my appln from standalone(or local system) it works fine & ther will not be any sync issues like launching etc..
I am following Expert view method wher i am scripting with indetifying all the objects & calling functions related to them..
Pls do suggest me with this peculiar Problem..

Thanks in Advance,