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    how to access tabs


    I have just been using QTP for a few days now, I have written a script where I need to access different panels of a tab ot fill in information. The QTP clicks on a given screen co ordinates to switch between the tabs. However when I run it, it doenst seem to click on the tab(maybe the screen position is different and the click at the original co-ordinates doesnt switch the tab).

    I looked in the help files but theres no way to keep a record of how many tabs there are in a given panel. Is there a way for me to access the tabs as objects instead of clicking on the screen co-ordinates?



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    Re: how to access tabs


    Use descriptive programming, I hope u'll get the solution..

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    Re: how to access tabs

    Dialog("Display Properties").WinTab("SysTabControl32").Select "Effects"
    Dialog("Display Properties").WinTab("SysTabControl32").Select "Screen Saver"

    Dialog("Display Properties").WinTab("SysTabControl32").Select 4

    All these works.



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