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    Data Driven Test

    I have a problem in Data Driven test in QTP. The case is the global sheet contains a column that has some names of the WEB links that I want to access(click). I am applying a loop and within this loop , I am extracting the link names in a variable and passing this variable in the click event, but i am getting an error. My samplescript is:-

    Browser("marketRx :: Enabling Targeted").Page("marketRx :: Enabling Targeted").Link("PDE Scores").Click
    For i=1 to nrecords
    name1=datatable.GetSheet("Global").getparameter("f orce").valuebyrow(i)
    Browser("marketRx :: Enabling Targeted").Page("Page").Link("name1").Click // name1 is the dynamic variable
    Browser("marketRx :: Enabling Targeted").Page("Page_2").Sync


    Problem is , How to pass a dynamic variable in the click event in order to click all the WEB links, residing in Global data sheet..
    Plz help me out as i need this solution ******ly

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    Re: Data Driven Test

    Change one line and try:

    Browser("marketRx :: Enabling Targeted").Page("Page").Link("text:=" & name1 ).Click

    You may also have to navigate "Back" to the previous page within the "For loop" to click the next link on the page.

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    Re: Data Driven Test

    Thanx a lot LPV , this really solved my problem. This issue troubled me a lot. Thanx again.



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