Hi folks,

I've an interesting situation in my automated scripts.

I've developed QTP scripts for a B2B web application(.net based).IN this application whenever we did a search on the web page, there was page refresh and I'd put Sync statements in QTP to handle this.

Now this web application uses a technology - AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).With this if we perform any search/operation on the web page, there'll not be any page refresh.Rather only the required data would be fetched from the server/DB and shown on the web page.

Since there is no page refresh,Sync statements written in my QTP scripts may become obsolete.

Hence I'm looking at ways in which we can determine there is a change of data/content on the page even though the page isn't refreshed.

One of the ways that I've done is I keep a counter and wait for some arbitrary time period till the expected results/objects are displayed on the page.

Any better/alternate thoughts would be appreciated.