Be aware that in expert mode, not everything is quite as it appears. In particular, RunAction calls and Checkpoints are not the simple bits of VBScript they appear to be.

RunAction calls refer to data copied into the test when an 'Insert Action' option is selected, and Checkpoints refer to data associated with a test object when an 'Insert Checkpoint' option is selected.

This means that if you copy and paste the VBScript for RunActions and Checkpoints around in Expert View, you may not get the results you expect.

Always use the Keyword view and/or menu options when adding or deleting these items.

If you accidentally delete a RunAction call in Expert view, and then you can't find a way of deleting the associated action data (which may interfere with later RunActions you add), you can use the QuickTest Plus 'External Action Call Modifier' utility to remove it from the test.