Hi ,

I am trying to get the tool tip value and check the same.

Window("XXXX").Dialog("YYYYY").WinObject("bmpbutto n").Click 20,19

BX = Window("XXXXX").Dialog("YYYYY").WinObject("bmpbutt on").GetROProperty("X")
msgbox (BX)
BY = Window("XXXXX").Dialog("YYYYY").WinObject("bmpbutt on").GetROProperty("Y")

Window("XXXXX").Dialog("YYYYY").MouseMove BX ,BY

All this code is working and could move mouse to that button where the tool tip is on.

But How to get the tool tip value next step.

I have see the Object repository for the above "XXXXX" window it does not display any native class property in the OR all it has is window-id and regexpwndclass

Can any one tell me how to get the tool tip text.

Thanks ,