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1. Object Repository Features:

a. New Object Repository Format - You can import and export object repository files from and to XML format.

b. Multiple repositories per action – You can store the objects for each Action in its corresponding local Object Repository, or you can store the objects in your tests in one or more shared Object Repository files that can be used among multiple actions. You can use a combination of local objects and shared objects for each action to suit your needs.

c. New Object Repository Manager (ORM) – Enables you to manage all the Object Repositories used in your organization from a single window, including adding and defining objects, modifying objects and their descriptions, parameterizing repositories to make them more generic, maintaining and organizing repositories, merging repositories, and importing and exporting repositories in XML format. (From the QT test or component, the SOR’s are read-only so that many people can work with tests that use them at once. )

d. Object Repository Merge Tool- Enables you to merge two shared Object Repositories into a single shared Object Repository or to merge objects from the local Object Repository of one or more actions into a shared Object Repository. (This is a new and improved version of a similar feature previously available in QTPlus)

2. Function Library features – You can open and edit multiple function libraries at once. You can use QT debug features and Expert-View like editing features when working in the function library editor.

3. Rename checkpoints and output values – You can rename checkpoints and output value steps at any time.

4. Handle missing resources and actions (Information Pane)- If a test has resources that cannot be found, such as missing shared Object Repositories or calls to missing Actions, or if it uses a repository parameter that does not have a defined value, QuickTest indicates this in the Missing Resources pane. You can map a missing resource, or you can remove it from the test, as required.

5. BPT 9.0-related Features –

a. New Application Area – A completely new interface for creating/modifying application area resources and properties,

b. AA as a link - AAs auto update BCs with changes. BC properties are read-only (except for snapshot and parameters tabs). Can change AA for BC.

c. Manual Step support - You can edit/maintain manual steps from an automated QTP component using the ManualStep statement.


1. Script control of Repository - Repository Utility Object; Repository Automation Objects;

2. Test Results Enhancements – You can save report as HTML;

3. Themes - There are new window themes for test results window and QTPmain window

1. KWV Enhancements - new interface that enables you to more easily to configure the layout by dragging and dropping panes, new docking options, drag & drop steps, Fonts and Colors customization for keyword view rows; Print documentation only, Copy documentation content to clipboard, Multi-line support in keyword cells, Search options in ‘Select an Object’ dialog

2. ExpertView enhancements - comment / uncomment, indent/outdent, Support breakpoints by clicking on the gutter, Syntax checking.

3. License improvements – ability to select concurrent license during installation, improved interface

4. Replay / Debug enhancements – Add to watch, debug just one step or one action, debug functions in libraries


1. FireFox 1.1

2. IE 7.0 support

3. Netscape 8

4. Windows XP 64 bit