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    QTP 8.2 and Oracle Developer 2000


    Is it possible to use QTP v8.2 (with oracle Add-in installed)with an application built with Oracle Developer 2000 ? I'm asking that because this application is not lunched using a browser but an application that downloads the new forms on the client machine that uses the Runtime. If can be used, can you give me some hints on that?

    Thank you.

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    Re: QTP 8.2 and Oracle Developer 2000

    Hi Sebastian,

    I am not sure about QTP, however I remember that WinRunner supports Developer 2000 forms. I hope this helps.


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    Re: QTP 8.2 and Oracle Developer 2000

    Yes, It is possible to access. Addin 'orcle' to be included.

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    Re: QTP 8.2 and Oracle Developer 2000

    I've tried with Oracle Add-in and it didnt work.. maybe i'm doing someting wrong but i dont know what ...



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