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    Deleting unused checkpoints info

    Hi all,
    During recording of checkpoints I sometimes want to redo the checkpoint. Therefore I am getting checkpoints with the same name and a _digit appended to the end:
    SwfWindow("Arrest").SwfLabel("On row 1 of 43 total rows,").Check CheckPoint("On row 1 of_2")

    My question is: how can I delete checkpoints and not have to deal with the _2 (in the sample above). On a quick look at the script others (even myself) may think the _2 is part of the check, when it is not.
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    Re: Deleting unused checkpoints info

    QTP does provide any method to delete already created checkpoint. So if you want to make any modifications to the same, better modify that old checkpoint instead of creating a new one.

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    Re: Deleting unused checkpoints info

    Hi Tarun,

    I am Mallika neelam ,i would like to know how best we can build the assessment team for testing...

    & how can i post my queries to all members in the group
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Deleting unused checkpoints info

    Go to the QTP forum section and make a new post on the same.



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