I record a QTP script name OPtionsOKxml and play it back.
After play it back successfully, I make the XML file created from the script the XML baseline file.
With every new software build, I re-run the same script (OPtionsOKxml), and insert the XML base line file checkpoint to compare the expected results of the XML checkpoint to the actual results of the run session.

below is the code:
' Options tab
With Window("Options")
.WinTab("SysTabControl32").Select "Options"
.WinCheckBox("Allow Paging For Closed").Set "ON"
.WinCheckBox("Automatic Player Paging").Set "ON"
.WinCheckBox("Prompt to Test Pagers").Set "ON"
.WinComboBox("Mode :").Select "Notify"
.WinComboBox("Mode :_2").Select "Notify"
.WinEdit("Limit (in minutes) :").Type "1111100000"
With .Dialog("PRM Site Manager")
Window("Options").WinEdit("Limit (in minutes) :").Set "1111"
Window("Options").WinEdit("Limit (in minutes) :_2").Set "1111"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Unique Name Enforcement").Select "By Site"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Unique Name Enforcement").Select "By Game"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Table Sorting :").Select "Sort by Table Number"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Table Sorting :").Select "Sort by Open Time"
Window("Options").WinEdit("Header Text :").Type "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
Window("Options").WinEdit("Header Text :").Type "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
.WinButton("OK").Type "b"
Window("Options").WinEdit("Header Text :").Set "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Mode :_2").Select "Remove From List"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Mode :_2").Select "Roll to End"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Mode :").Select "Remove From List"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Mode :").Select "Roll to End"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("Player Pager Type :").Select "Numeric"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("SmartAlert Receiver Instance").Select "None"
Window("Options").WinComboBox("SmartAlert Transmitter").Select "None"
Window("Options").WinMenu("Menu").Select "File;Refresh PRM"
End With
End With
'XML checking
XMLFile("OptionSettings.XML").Check CheckPoint("OptionSettings.XML")

My question is can we compare the Baseline/Expected XML file to the current tests result.xml file?

The test results always passed ( even I put in the invalid value for the XML expect file) make me concren look like it did not compare correctly...?

I remeber we disccuss this topic before. How do I search it in our QTP forum ?