We are thinking of upgrading to QTP 8.2 from 6.0 and I am having some issues with ChildObjects property in QTP 8.2.

In QTP 6.0 I have had no trouble with ChildObjects property. Namely, I'm referring to retrieving ChildObjects from a specific object such as from a webtable in a Page, which QTP 8.2 claims it recognizes in the same way as 6.0 but it doesn't seem like it. I've used the following code in QTP 6.0 to retrieve and select all checkboxes from a specific table on a page :

set accDesc=description.Create()
accDesc("type").Value = "checkbox"
Dim list

If opfeat > 0 and promo > 0 Then
Set list = Browser("LG VX7000 (Black)").Page("LG VX7000 (Black)").WebTable("Earbud Headset").ChildObjects(accDesc)
Set list = Browser("Nokia 3589i").Page("Nokia 3589i").WebTable("Headset (Jabra").ChildObjects(accDesc)
End If
'msgbox list.count
If (list.count <> 0 ) then
value = Int(((list.count-1) * Rnd)+0)
list(value).set "ON"
End If

Basically this allows me to quickly go through all checkboxes in that table and select(or manipulate in any way) them all (approx. 10/sec). Now if I used the same code in 8.2 it doesn't recognize that the WebTable has ChildObjects. Basically it seems to only work on a Page hierarchical level, and not lower than that (ie. Frame/Table on that specific page).

But I cant use it over the entire page .. 'coz the issue with using till .page code is that it takes all check boxes in the whole page when I need only the ones' in a specific table as I've done so in 6.0, but that doesn't seem to work.

I am trying to find out if there is a work around like using childitems or other function to achieve the same thing. I was wondering if anyone has a work around for this. Your help is very much appreciated.