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    How to maintain shared OR in automation process


    I would like to know how is shared OR used in an automation process. Like whether only one person adds all the objects to the repository or its done by all of them who are scripting.

    Please can anyone throw some light on this, as the user guide gives info of only how to configure shared OR but not how to use it in a team.


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    Re: How to maintain shared OR in automation process

    It depends...
    As every design, it has to be discussed first inside of the team.
    You have to make kind of agreement: who is adding objects, who is responsible for analyzing the objectives and creating your own inside rules for that.
    There is no particular restrictions for that rules. Just common sense and experience. There is no 'ready to use' solution. Try any possibility first. Experiment with different solutions. Real life will show what is best for your team.


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    Re: How to maintain shared OR in automation process

    I would prefer one person adding Objects if all the users use Same Repository as this would prevent any one changing other users Object.



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