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    telnet through QTP

    Can we telnet through QTP ?If yes, how?

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    Re: telnet through QTP

    Try it and report your findings here :0

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: telnet through QTP

    Yes , we can telnet thr' QTP
    But for that you have to use one external application - putty , you can download it for free.
    include these statements in your action -
    SystemUtil.Run "filepath\putty.exe"
    Window("PuTTY Configuration").WinEdit("Host Name (or IP address)").Set
    'set host name / ip of server
    Window("PuTTY Configuration").WinRadioButton("Telnet").Set
    'select telnet option
    Window("PuTTY Configuration").WinButton("Open").Click
    'click on open
    Before this you must start telnet service in your server machine.



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