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    Detailed Logging in QT Pro?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to determine if QT Pro is a sufficient tool for our software. Are there ways to extract more detailed logging that is simple to read for testers?

    Someway to generate my own logging that will be clear to someone who doesn't know how to use QT what went wrong. For Example: "The Okay button on page 5 failed to be clicked."

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    Re: Detailed Logging in QT Pro?

    You can do that using QTP itself
    see Repoter.ReportEvent and you can also build your own reporting function in VB Script for achieving the desired result format.

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    Re: Detailed Logging in QT Pro?

    Thanks for the tip!

    Is there anyway to include values into the reporter description text?

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    Re: Detailed Logging in QT Pro?

    Reporter.ReportEvent micPass, "Custom Step", "The value of variable x is :" & x



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