Whenever we browse cookies based sites IE caches some cookies on to the disk but there are some cookies that are cached in the process memory only and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Since the session cookies are owned by the process they can be only deleted by the owner process. The concept of session cookies would be clear with the below examples:

1. Go to http://www.gmail.com
2. Login using a user id and password.
3. Go to http://www.google.com
4. Delete all the cookies by going to the internet options.
5. Go to http://www.gmail.com. You will see that you are still logged in that IE window. This is helpful if you are an end user but if you are an developer then this puts a restriction on the reuse of the browser for logging in with different user id and password

First i thought that it would be impossible to end the ie session without closing it. But where there is a will there is way.

It took me 10 days of RND and complete frustration to develop the library which would help all of us perform a task that we always dreamed off. Anyways the end result was the birth of IE Helper library.

For more detials log on to http://bondofus.tripod.com and download the zip file from the link "Deleting IE Session Cookies"

I have added a pdf to the setup. So please go through it before asking any questions.