I am fairly new to QTP and am currently using version 8.2. We have created a smoke test using QTP and want it to be automated to run everyday at a certain time. I am using Multi Test Manager to accomplish this. I created a .mtm file which calls the smoke test and email's the results. I then created a batch file that is scheduled by windows scheduler and triggers Multi Test Manager and runs the specified test. All seems well and I get MTM to run and send the email but it does not attach the report results. If I run the .mtm file manually it works great, its just when it is called and executed by the batch file that it doesn't include the attachment. It seems like a similar problem to the following thread: Multi Test Manager Problem. It seems like it is not loading the file correctly or perhaps I am missing a parameter in my batch file.

Here is the one line of code from my batch file that is scheduled to call MTM and run my smoke test:
MultiTestManager.exe /tb "C:\Documents and Settings\fqdev\My Documents\Smoke_Test_100001.mtm"

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!