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    diff between createobject, object.create

    hi guyz
    what is the difference between createobject function and object.create(Description.create). I assumed that first one is create an instance of object not defined in QTP (defined outside qtp)& the second 1 is to create an instance of an object defined withing QTP.Correct me if I am wrong

    Rajesh Kumar Chengalpathy

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    Re: diff between createobject, object.create

    When we talk abt Description.create it is that the Description is class object that has a method called create to create object of type description. But when we talk about CreateObject the story become totally different. CreateObject is used to create object of classes registered on your system.

    set xlApp=CreateObject("Excel.Application")

    now if you go to the regedit utility (type regedit in run window) and now find this text "Excel.Application" you will see that it is present in the registry and the key has details about the DLL that implements this class.

    now xlApp will have object of type Excel.Application. Now if xlApp supports a method/function called create that would be somthing same as description.create.

    Hope this clarifies your doubt



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