When I recording the script for Java application, It is recorded one of the object( It is not button but its behaviour is like a button. On clicking of this it is opening another window) as a JavaObject and it is able t0 store only few properties. Such as toolkit class, Index.
and In my application the number of objects are varying, it is user specific so index of the object is not fixed. Name for these objects are capturing as TextButton_1, TextButton_2, TextButton_3 etc. for me these properties are not sufficient to continue. I would like to capture the name of the object as a name displayed on the screen insted of TextButton_1, TextButton_2, TextButton_3. Is there any way to work with such kind of objects.

I tried with Descriptive Programming, Mapping of the objects and Virtual Objects. Any one of those methods are not worked out for me.

Guys plz give me the solution if you know how to handle this kind of scenario.