I am trying to generate a script using QTP 8.2 trail version.
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.visible = True
IE.Navigate "URL"
Browser("Log On").Page("Log On").WebEdit("LoginName").Set "test"
Browser("Log On").Page("Log On").WebEdit("Password").SetSecure "password"
Browser("Log On").Page("Log On").WebButton("Log On").Click
Browser("Log On").Page("Connections").Link("Applications").Clic k
Browser("Log On").Page("Applications").Link("Cerillion CRM (BULLMIG)").Click

On the click on the link, a window opens which is a remote connection and the main cerillion login window appears. QTP is not identifying this page/window and hence there is no script generated.
I have used the gui spy to spy the window but it did not help me. I have also tried the object repository and the virtual object.
Can anyone help me in this please since i am not able to go forward.