Ok, now I know SOMEBODY is going to yell at me for asking this question, but I must ask it.

I see very little advantage for upgrading / maintaining two tools that do essentially the same thing. As such, has anybody heard anything about Winrunner being retired in favor of QTP?

Now... I know that the post by the moderator at the top of this forum states that this is NOT the case, but that post has been around for at least a year (maybe two or more)... and the corporate guy in my company explicitly stated that QTP is replacing Winrunner... I'm not sure where he got his information from though.

I've also searched the forum for this question, and I haven't seen it asked recently (or at all). Have any of you heard/experienced anything in this regard?

Also, I might as well get all of my (stupid) questions out at once. I don't foresee there being any change to the Rational suite of products as a result of the IBM / Rational merger, but has anybody heard any news on this?

I am deciding on a go forward tool on a new application, and this is very material to my decision.


-- Dan