This is more of a general question about the merits of such an interface and I'm curious if a Java interface exists. Our organization is new to QuickTest and I'm by no means an expert. The system we develop is basically a large J2EE web application that runs in a Linux environment. Development is done by three organizations all working remote to each other.

What we are trying to do is structure a QA proposal that has a large research and development component. It's government and they want the money to come from the R&D pot and not operations money, historically where the money for testing originates. Our current build and deployment process is done using Apache Ant and QuickTest is not compatible with this environment. We want to create a Java interface to the QuickTest automation library using a Java technology known as JNI and build an Ant task library on top of the JNI code. This opens a lot of doors including the possibility of controlling QuickTest remotely without the need for a client running on the remote machine.

We like QuickTest and like the potential of such an interface. I'm unaware of any QuickTest interfaces for Ant or Java. I tried the JScript interface but it was clumsy and required a compilation step for every script created and the only Ant interface was the <exec> task. Is anyone aware of a Java interface to the QuickTest's automation object model?

Thanks, UK