As a learning exercise, I implemented a script in WATiR that:

For each row in an input file:

Read the URL of a search engine, and go to
that page.

Read the name of the search text box for that
search engine and populate that text box with
a search string.

Read the name of the search button for that
search engine and click that button.

Check to verify that the a link for
the search text appears among the results on
the first page.

As a comparative learning exercise, I then sat down and thought I'd see how long it took to implement something similar in QTP. I could not figure out how to do it. Now, I am not an old hand at QTP. I'm not even a young hand, really. More like a newborn hand. But then again, I'd had even LESS exposure to WATiR (and Ruby) before trying this, and it only took a few hours to figure it out.

I'm curious how a seasoned QTP hand would approach it. Ya see, I'm supposed to be demoing WATiR to the company in a few days, and would like to be able to respond to the inevitable question: "What does your WATiR solution look like compared to our old familar QTP?" with an actual sample QTP script. Nobody will believe me if I just say: "You can't do it in QTP."

Any thoughts?