I use QTP 8.2 with .NET Add-in 8.2

I try to randomize my test which opens nodes of SwfTreeview object. I want the get full path of random visible node.

My code:

nodeCount= SwfWindow("Vtrin").SwfTreeView("mTree").GetItemsCo unt 'Counts visible nodes

randNum = Int((nodeCount * Rnd()+1))

This next one does not work. Why? What's wrong with int randNum parameter? It works nice if I just put some not random int parameter...

nodePath = SwfWindow("Vtrin").SwfTreeView("mTree").GetItemPro perty (randNum, "Path")
MsgBox Nodepath

'This works though (but I want the full path not just the name of node)
Node = SwfWindow("Vtrin").SwfTreeView("mTree").getItem (randNum)
MsgBox Node