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    Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    Can any one differentiate the xact difference b'ween Set and Type.and where we can make use of these two?

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    Set : This option is used to set/change property at run time its boolean type.only we can set true or false.
    Type: This is not boolean type you can set any keyboard operation or mouse click options to a object for which type option is available.
    (See online help for more info)

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    suppose there is an edit box.i want to enter some text into that.here i can make use of both
    Set and Type.i want to know set is exclusively for what type of objects and so is Type.

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    My experience is that Type similates writing on the keyboard and Set just sets the value in some other way. For me this has meant that when using Set the test is faster but the application does not respond in the same way as it would to a user. I use Type almost allways now.

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    Set with reset the value. Type will add to existing value.
    Eg. if the textbox contains "123" and we say .set "abc", then the contents of the textbox will be "abc".
    But if we say .type "abc" the contents of the textbox will "123abc"

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type


    the difference between set and type is
    Set: tries to dump all the characters at a time to the edit box
    Type: it tries to dump character by character.

    If we are checking the functionality of lenght of editbox.
    if edit box is allowing only 10 characters, then in set if we try to input more than 10 characters it tries to input all at a time and gives error nothing will be inputed where as in type it inputs all the 10 characters and then it gives an error.

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    Re: Difference B\'ween Set and Type

    I think the basic difference is
    Set: would change the "text" or "value" property value of the object. It replaces the property value with the new value.
    Type: This function works directly on the object itself by sending keyboard inputs to the object..directly simulating the Manual User by entering the values in the, say an Edit box.



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