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    Limitations of QTP

    Hi QAkids,

    Every tool has some limitations ,I want to know the limitaions of Quisk Test Professional.

    So pls anyone of you can help me
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    In QuickTest Professional 8.x, the name of an Action is limited to 1023 characters. The name can contain only alphanumeric, underscore ( _ ), and space characters.

    There is an overall limit of 64 K for generic checkpoints and verifications.

    Using GetROProperty for the text property will retrieve 5000 characters.

    QuickTest Professional does not support the use of 64-bit parameters/variables.

    The limit on data that can be entered into a data table cell is 16 KB.

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    Re: Limitations of QTP

    I disagree with the action naming entry above, it's not really an issue.

    I think the original poster was more interested in issues that would render the tool unusable in certain circumstances. All the issues above can be worked-around.

    Mark Smith.



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