I am testing a website that currently uses a CSS 2.0 '@import' function to bring in CSS based on the browser. While QTP can run the browser correctly, and do Object Bitmap checks with no issue (provided they are captured from the Browser), the Active Screen has some problems with this.

Much of the tutorials and training CD's point the user to use the Actice Screen exclusively to capture text checkpoints and bitmap check points. Since the QTP Active Screen cannot render CSS 2.0 properly, the bitmap checkpoints fail on subsequent runs, IF you capture them using the Active Screen. Furthermore, the site does not render properly (looks bad) because the viewer does not save the CSS file.

After a long and lengthy support process, which did not fix the issue, they (Mercury Support) indicated that this would need a patch, and it was a low priority. I have a *great* concern over this particular item because, to me, this is a defect which tells me there might be something else not functioning correctly with the tool.

Has anyone else had website rendering issues using the Active Screen Viewer? If so, How do you get around the rendering issue?