I have this issue with QTP 8.2 rendering a webpage that uses CSS 2.0 includes. The '@import' function loads a master.css file, and then provides the requesting browser with the correct CSS. The ActiveScreen in QTP does not render the page correctly (page appears broken).

I have worked with Mercury (with no satisfaction) and they indicate that "Yes" this is an issue because their ActiveScreen browser does not capture or download the CSS file, and therefore does not render the site correctly.

Now, all of the help, tutorials, and even training materials indicate the use of the ActiveScreen as a main tool to use during the insertion of checkpoints, as well as debugging issues and such. My whole point is that since the tool doesn't render the site correctly (or do bitmap checkpoints accuratley) that this is a defect. Since the tool doesnt render the site correctly, I am wondering what *else* it is not doing correctly and therefore I cannot trust the results.

Has anyone else seen this issue with QTP and their website?