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    Browser identification

    I'm facing a problem with browser identification. i recorded a script in staging and trying to play back the script in Testing environment, then while running the script i get an error message as follows:
    Cannot find the "icon_desc_white" object's parent "Verid Inc. - NetView -" (class Browser). Verify that parent properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

    I've changed the mandatory properties of Browser to title and assistive property as name.
    Any sort of help is appreciated.


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    Re: Browser identification

    I have the same problem...all the time. When I try to add a "new" browser into the OR....QT just puts it under another a browser already there, but giving it a second number. Even sometimes, when I try to add "anything" to the OR, QT puts it wherever it wants....no matter where I have it marked. This is driving me crazy !!!!!
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    Re: Browser identification

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Welcome to QTP world.

    DHosler, your problem is something every QTP user faces atleast initially. Do a search on the forums and you will come up with some settings to the Page/Frame Options that will make life a little easier for you (note I said 'a little').

    Vpqtpuser, the browser name and/or title value may have changed since your recording. It would be a good idea to use regular expressions in the identification if such is the case. Also make sure other, unwanted browser windows are closed when performing the test. If all fails, remove all properties and use creationtime property (provided you are not playing with more than one open browser at any instance of testing)

    Good luck.

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    Re: Browser identification

    Thanks Mark, i tried using creationtime property and it worked.



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