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    Active Screen

    Iam testing a .NET application.After I complete recording, I want to add checkpoints. Iam facing following problems.
    1. All checkpoints are not enabled(like bitmap,text checkpoint ect..)
    2.when I try to spy any object in the active screen window it is recognizing as winobj not as .Net obj.

    I was thinking that the purpose of activescreen in QTP is to be able to add any new object properties and able to insert new checkpoints.

    please let me know if Iam wrong anywhere. Please explain me the above things.

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    Re: Active Screen



    U cannot spy an object in Active screen, it just gives a visual desc of the object when it was recorded. It is just a like an aid.

    And coming to chkpts. Yes u can add them thru it. But u shouldn't be relying on it everytime. try introducing those during recording phase.

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