Hope this is useful to somebody, this function accesses a hidden row based on the item you click on the web table.
So, if you no what the last item will be, click inb the row on an item that will be recognised the same and use the function below

It only works if:
You now what the last item will be
There are no different items between the item you click and the last item.

subject is a table heading

Function clickFromInActionList(ByVal obj, ByVal subject) Set oTable = obj.Object
For i=0 to oTable.Rows.length-1
Reporter.ReportEvent 2, "innertext", oTable.Rows(i).cells(4).getElementsByTagName("P"). item(0).innertext
If (UCase(Replace(oTable.Rows(i).cells(4).getElements ByTagName("P").item(0).innertext, " ", "" )) = UCase (Replace(subject, " ", ""))) Then
Reporter.ReportEvent.0, "clickFromInActionList", "Item found."
oTable.Rows(i).cells(3).getElementsByTagName("P"). item(0).click
Exit Function
End If
If (i>2) Then
x = obj.GetROProperty("abs_x") + obj.GetROProperty("width") + 5
y = obj.GetROProperty("abs_y") + obj.GetROProperty("height") - 35
Set dr = CreateObject("Mercury.DeviceReplay")
dr.MouseClick x, y, 0
dr.MouseClick x, y, 0
Set dr = Nothing
End If
Reporter.ReportEvent.1, "clickFromInActionList", "Item not found. Please check the spelling."
End Function

Let me know if you need more info

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