I encountered this run time error - can not indetify the object fromPort" (of class Weblist). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

I searched mercury knowledge base and found out there are three possible causes. The most common one is replay the object no longer matches the originally recorded description in
the object repository.

The other two causes is Synchronization and Certain event not recorded (example: Rollover or Right-Click on popup menu). For synchronization I adjust record speed in optionŗ run window to normal.

--In my case I record a script test against mercury flight reservation page. It supposes to run in 3 iterations. But in the second iteration the script passed sign in page (username, password, sign-in step), cursor stopped at fromPort step under find a flight mercury page. The actual web page hangs at sign Ė in page.

--I insert a blank line after the line(5): in expertview browser(welcome: Mercury Tours").page("Find a Flight Mercury).weblist.
("fromPort").selectDatatable("departure", dtGlobalSheet)"; then I start recording again at sign-in page. Stooped recording after I sign in. I compared property value with initial sign in and new sign in there is no difference. I guess I didnít find the right property value to compare.

I want to user Object Spy to check the property value for FromPort and compare it with the values stored in the object repository.

-- My question is can I use object spy during the runtime of the script and pointing it to Ďdepart fromí drop down menu. Or I can spy on this item when I stopped the recording. My concern is when should I use object spy, so I can get the accurate property value to do the comparison.

--I found that the orders of objects stored in the object repository and keyword-view are different. Is this matter when testing the script? The last step I took before stop the recording is click on back to home button. This step showed in keyword view but didnít show up in object repository (OJ). Can this cause run time error? Should I configure OJ certain way so the script can run without error?

I could not figure out what's wrong with recorded script. Plase give me some sugeestion on how to find and fix the error

--I also want to know some good links regarding using VBScripts to do automation in mercury knowledge base. I want to see some examples on how to use a loop structure extract data from drop down menu and export data into a data table or spread sheet.

Please give some advise and help. Thanks in advance.