Do any one experienced this problem before:
When I am inserting a value for a field from a drop down box in an activex table through QTP, application throws an error saying due to some check constraint it couldn't insert the value in --- table for -- field and the application is terminating. But the same action if I perform manually, how many times I do, the value is inserting into the ---table and the application is alive. This is a desktop application.

Iam also encountering one more problem, please give me advise/suggestions:

In an activex grid, actually, the grid is divided into two frames, the values corresponding to the selected item in the left panel will be displayed in the right panel. Left panel (table) has two columns, say A and B and it has around 20 rows in it. I need to select some particular rows to further perform the business functionalities. QTP is not able to record any thing if I select a row from this table in a regular recording mode, but it is able to record in the low level recording option. I recorded clicking on 11th row and it ran fine for the first time. But in further runs, rather clicking on 11th row it is clicking on different rows like, 12 or 13 or 16.... and test fails. I would like to use RowCount method, but the method is not supported by the statement. I got the text location of the 11th row by GetTextLocation method, now how could I say the cursor to go to this location!?

Low level recorded statement corresponding to this is:

Window("xxx").Window("xxx").WinObject("yyyy). click 55,195

Other than Click method, which method I can use to say QTP to go or click that particular location?