I am trying to execute existing scripts (recorded using QTP 6.5) in the newer QTP 8.2 version. Specifically, these are scripts that use the SAP Enterprise Portal. An object that was a 'Page' in QTP 6.5 is now a 'SAPPortal' object in QTP 8.2. There are also other web-based vs. SAP-based object recognition problems (e.g. WebButton vs. SAPButton, WebEdit vs. SAPEdit, etc.).

Has anyone gone through this QTP 6.5 to 8.2 upgrade already? What was the solution for executing the existing SAP Portal scripts from QTP 6.5 successfully in the new QTP 8.2 version? What were any other notable challenges?

Any suggestion is appreciated as this is a critical issue affecting a LOT of existing scripts. It is NOT acceptable to have to re-do them as a result of this upgrade.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.