Hi all,

I've looked into the OR and into descriptive programming and haven't found an answer to the following question:

Do I always need to know the exact path of an object to be able to control it?

If I've got a browser with lots of IFrames and Panes and on one of them is a Java applet in which I find a JButton with a developers name, which is unique for the whole browser:
Can I push that button from a script without knowing the complete path? How would I do that?

One reason for that would be, that in the path I find a "JDK1.4.2"-object. What happens to a script that uses full paths when I run the application under a different JDK version? Would I have to rewrite all my scripts?

More general: The structure of my test object might change, but still the applet will stay more or less the same => The functional description of the testcases would stay the same, but the scripts wouldn't run any more, because the paths to the objects will have changed.
(If I need to know the exact path that is)

Thanks for your patience to read this far.