I am using Quick Test Professional with the SAP add-in. In Tools>>Options I went to the SAP Tab and enabled "Auto-parameterize table and grid controls" When I record transactions that have tables, the values I entered are automatically saved in a new sheet in the Data Table. The format for this table is column names in the data table map to column names in the Sap table. Each row contains the values for those corresponding columns. After the last Row there must be a ".END" statement in the first column. This is according to the user's manual. When this .END statement is recorded it has an unusual format that is shaded blue. I deleted the original .END and tried to enter it again myself without the blue shaded formatting. Now when I play back the test the .END statement is not recognized. The only way I could get the .END statement to work again was to re-record an auto-parameterized table and copy that generated .END statements into my existing data table. There must be a way to recreate the properly formatted .END statement without copying it. The user's manual makes no mention of special formatting, it only says that there must be ".END" in the first column of the last Row. Has anyone ever seen this problem before?