I've got Multi-Test Manager on my main machine (call it "CompA"). "CompA" doesn't have QTP installed. The machine that does have QTP installed is actually a VM, but this may change in the future. I'll call that "CompB". I'm trying to run a script that resides on CompB via the MTM on CompA.

I'm able to see the .tps file (on CompB) from MTM (on CompA). IOW, I just browse to CompB in the Add/Open dialog.

I set the Remote PC / Remote Host setting to the IP address of CompB. However, whenever I try to run the batch from CompA, it doesn't run the test. I know that it thinks it is done because it emails me with no results attached.

Can I get CompA to run the script on CompB, or am I missing some component here? I read the readme doc, but it didn't give much insight into this problem.

Any help is appreciated.