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    Saving the password

    I have a password variable in which the QTP use setSecure to deal with I am not able to save this password in the Global table sheet
    do you have any idea?
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    Re: Saving the password

    You should be able to save it but it will only display in the runtime datasheet.

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Saving the password

    follow up on this,
    i recorded the password entry for the first time, so it was encrypted on the script, if i need to parameterize this, meaning i need to eneter the password in the excel sheet, how will i protect this one?

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    Re: Saving the password

    You can encrypt your password inside QTP, but atleast in place(might be ur excel) you need to expose the password.

    Dim pwd,e_pwd
    pwd = datatable.value("password",dtlocalsheet)
    e_pwd = Crypt.Encrypt(pwd)
    Browser(..).Dialog(..).WinEdit("pwd").SetSecure e_pwd
    Prasanna -



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