The CIO of the company I worked for just came and asked unreasonable request. She wants me to compare QTP with QARun/Testpartner, and she wanted the comparison yesterday. I knew of this today.

So research time, I am very familar with QA RUn and it works great for us in Oracle Thick Client, with Oracle Web Forms, it works allright, but not has problems with anything Text Related. We have to minimize every screen to capture text. Also having some issue with clicking buttons on pop-up windows even with record=names being on.

How does QTP do with scripting Oracle Web Apps. I am waiting for the Oracle plug in from Mercury to test it, but should we be arware of any pitfalls or issues with the product?

By the way this App is HUGE well over 300 Screens, it is used by Governement and State Agencies, so It needs to be tested well, and I need to know if QTP can handle it.
Any help would be so much appreciated, so I can give her an intelligent answer.