Hi all,

I am testing a web application and I want to log the results of my Check point(pass or fail) to a Access Database. I am using following code to do that. I am storing the results of the check points in chk1 and chk2

Dim connection
Dim sql
' Create the connection object.
Set connection = CreateObject ("ADODB.Connection")
'open the connection with a DSN
sql="Insert into TestTable values ("&chk1&","&chk2&")"

My code is running with out any compilation errors but it is not logging anything in the database. A "Microsoft Office Access Record-Locking Information" file(.ldb) is getting created in in*the same folder as my database file (.mdb), when I ran the script. The Locking information file contains the information about the computer name and the administrator name. Is there anyway I can turn off the locking option by changing the settings in the Access database? I would really appreciate any solutions for this problem.