I have a .net,Client Server application.

In the grid control(SwfTable) when i select a cell a button is enabled.When the button is clicked a dialog box opens.

So whenever i select a cell the button which is clicked has the same name.So QTP needs additional properties.there is no property unique to identify
depending upon the cell.

I did add abs_x,abs_y to manage.but it keeps on changing and not consistent.

What properties do i need to add that is unique for the button to make QTP identify the object.

My code looks like this.

Iam really new to QTP and .net

SwfWindow("name").SwfTable(m_collectionPropertyGri d").SelectCell 0,1
SwfWindow("name").SwfButton("CollectionPropertyGri dButton").Click
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfTreeView( "m_identityTree").Expand 1
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfTreeView( "m_identityTree").Select 2,1
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfButton("O K").Click
SwfWindow("name").SwfTable("m_collectionPropertyGr id").SelectCell 1,1
SwfWindow("name").SwfButton("CollectionPropertyGri dButton_2").Click
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfTreeView( "m_identityTree").Expand 2
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfTreeView( "m_identityTree").Select 3,1
SwfWindow("name").SwfWindow("Select").SwfButton("O K").Click

Please help.