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    Terminal Emulator Add In

    What exactly is the purpose of using Terminal Emulator add-in. Also, how does the floating license work for QTP, do you load QTP on the server and let test team connect to that server or you have to load QTP on each machine and use the same floating license number on each machine.

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    Re: Terminal Emulator Add In

    if you like to record TE applications like Hummingbird,IBM PCOM etc (mostly 3270 protocols) u use TE add-in.
    If u like to use floating license, u must install the license server (comes with QTP install cd) on an allways available server. Then QTP clients will find the licensing information from this server automatically (if not, set lsforcehost with the ip-adress from server as a system variable on the client pc!)

    hope this brings some light,

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    Re: Terminal Emulator Add In

    ...additional information: you have to install full QTP on each and every client! Only licensing is done by the license server!



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