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    CComboBox is beeing identified as WinEdit object in QTP


    I have a requirement to select few of the options in CCombobox. The CCombobox is a dropdown which has checkboxes with some text. The user can select or unselect (check) one or more check boxes. I learnt this object using QTP, the CCombobox is recognized as a WinEdit object. I am unable to check or uncheck the check box inside the CCombobox as WinEdit does not support GetContent or GetItem functions. I also tried using Object identification [user defined object] and tried mapping CCombobox to stdwin combobox. If I do this I am getting an error stating that "The object you are trying to map is a standard windows object". Please let me know how I can get the contents in the CCombobox object.

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    Re: CComboBox is beeing identified as WinEdit object in QTP

    Please post in the QTP area. I think you will have a better response.
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