Hi All.

Can anybody share your experience of taking QTP certification. Questions that I have are very specific.

1. Are you independent consultant or an employee?
2. Did you have to pay certification fee yourself?
3. Where did you take your certification exam?
4. Did you pass exam first time?
5. Did you have to attend any formal training before taking exam?
6. If 5 is yes can you share the name and location of training provider?
7. How much of development background do you have? What language(s)?
8. What resource did you use to prepare for exam other than training?
9. Are you aware of and wiling to share any exam practice simulation resource complexity of which is consistent with real thing?
10. Is there any consistency in terms of complexity between Mercury QTP exam overview document (available for download from Mercury site) and the real thing.
11. Did you use QTP CBT (computer based training) CD to prepare for this examination. If yes did it cover enough material to provide sufficient knowledge? Does it worth spending $500?
12. Overall feedback of your QTP certification exam experience.

Please do not take this as some sort of a survey. I am studying for QTP certification and looking for any related information. I am sure this thread will be very helpful to anybody who is thinking about QTP certification.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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