Here's a brief synopsis of what we do. We write manual test cases (which are the req specs for automation). We then generate a template for the script to automate using TestDirector so that all the manual steps are now embedded into the template script as commented statements (makes for excellent reference when actually automating). Now we take this template and carry out the scripting at appropriate places (TD will have provided place holders already) in the script.

This works like a charm in most cases. We have one problem however and that is, when a step fails in the automation script, and we now want to generated a defect from the Result viewer itself, none of the step details are copied. This is quite the irritant for when you execute the test case manually from the test lab, TD faithfully will copy the step detail as well when it has failed and you are about to record a defect at the point.

Has anyone here found a solution to this? I intend also raising this with MI support (but knowing their turnaround time thought I should ask the question here as well).

Thanks in advance.