We've got a problem while recording from a Java application that was created for testing custom widgets. What happens is when I click on one of these widgets, which is a list of values, I'm getting some totally unexpected behavior. It seems that QTP interprets this mouse click as something totally different than it should be & the applicaiton/QTP both hang. I have to go into Task Manager & kill the application.

I had a webex with Mercury support last Friday & they pointed me to a knowledge base article about not calling super from your 'process...Event' method. They said you "have" to call super, because that's how QTP gets it's hooks into the application. There aren't many details about call process...Event..... What if we have cases where we don't want to call super? Then we can't record? She also gave me some "work around" code using the keyboard to open my list of values, which does work, but I hate to think of having to write special code for each widget we have!

Changing the recording level to "Minimum" also works, but I don't think that gives us enough object information to be able to write tests.

Has anyone else experience this problem? Any ideas on what to try?

The Java addins are installed as well as the patches. Are there any articles or more detailed documentation about how QTP gets it's hooks into a Java application?

Doug Scurr