I am trying to put together an automated web navigator. When given a word, the automated web navigator will do the following:

1. Launch the browser.
2. Navigate to google and enter the parameter into the search area and search.
3. Randomly select from the available search result and do a certain number of random navigations from that page based on the parameter.
4. Go back to the google results page and navigate to a different page.
5. Perform this random navigation for a specified period of time.

The parameter can be a single word or a phrase.

I have most everything figured out, except for the random selection of available links. I have the automation of entering the parameter into the google search area and searching, but selecting a result and randomly navigating from there I haven't figured out yet.

Is there an existing automated web monkey out there? ( Preferably open source or otherwise free of charge ). I don't mind using QTP 8.0x to launch the automated monkey, especially if I can pass that monkey my keyword and have it wander around for a while.