I have an Action that would be like entering a new order. Each order my have different items ordered. (1 order ; multiple items) So far I am able to enter the order. Split the action and enter a single item per order. What I want to be able to do is enter multiple items per order. Some orders may contain 5 items. Others 2 item etc. In my datatable Action1_1 I would have the order. On datatable Action1_2 I would have all the items. A column in the datatable would also contain the order no. So I want to loop through Action1_2 and enter item 1-5 while order id = 1. Start a new iteration and add order 2 Then start Action1_2 on row 6 and enter items 6,7 for order no 2. And so on. Does anyone have a good suggestion for me to try. I am not a programmer by profession, but I can piece code together so write a laymen as possible.

Thanks in advance.